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Robinia Ireland      Robinia - a new species for Irish Farming and Forestry

Forest Water Group (FWG)   Irish Forests and Water Quality - Forests, Woodland and Trees for Improved Water Quality

AIFC - Association of Irish Forestry Consultants   The AIFC represents the forest consultancy profession in Ireland with a membership that has a nationwide presence and a client base of over 1,500 forest owners.

Society of Irish Foresters   The representative body of the forestry profession in Ireland.

Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA)      Agricultural Consultants Association Members are the primary suppliers of technical and financial advice to the Top 20% of farmers in the Republic. Members have direct contact with around 40,000 farmers and landowners.

IFA Farm Forestry     Irish Farmers Association - Farm Forestry

The Forest Service   DAFM The Department of Agriculture and Food.

Forestry Licence Viewer - Forest Service DAFM   Forest Service DAFM online tool for information on forestry licence applications

List of Registered Foresters and Forestry Companies-    Applications to a range of grant-aided schemes must be made through a registered forester.

IFORIS - Forest Service DAFM      IFORIS Online Services for Foresters.

Tree Volume Calculator - Forest Service DAFM    - use this to estimate tree volume online using basic tree information for the main conifer and broadleaf tree species.

Felling Decision Tool - DAFM The Forest Service   - provides owners with information about timber revenues, wood volumes per hectare, tree top height, and tree size at different stages in the forest cycle.

Windthrow Model tool - Forest Service DAFM    - The Windthrow Model was developed to predict the probability of windthrow occurring in a forest.

The Forest Service DAFM - Old website - no more updates - still has information which is missing from the new one.  The Department of Agriculture and Food.

Department of Agriculture      Online Services for Farmers (Individuals).

Department of Agriculture      Online Services for Farmers (Companies and Partnerships).      Useful Data for Irish River Conservation / Water Quality ... Tracking Flood Relief Projects, Water Abstraction & Pollution in Irish Rivers.

The Arboricultural Association      Objectives:- To advance the study of Arboriculture and to raise the standards of its practice.

Irish Timber Growers Association     Formed in 1977 to support the development and expansion of private sector forestry.

Coford  Forestry research in Ireland.

Wodlands of Ireland  Toward the Sustainable development of Native Woodlands in Ireland

Teagasc Forestry   - Teagasc - advice, training and research on farm forestry and related matters.

Pro Silva Ireland . Foresters who advocate forest management based on natural processes.

See also: Pro Silva Europe

Lisnavagh Timber Project  Lisnavagh, Rathvilly, Co Carlow, Ireland. Specialising in fully traceable homegrown Irish hardwood timber, from wholly sustainable resources, for Ireland's furniture industry.

CELT (Centre for Environmental Living & Training)   a registered charity providing education, training and awareness-raising in environmental issues, traditional crafts workshops, sustainable living and nature conservation.

Forest Stewardship Council

Pan European Forest Certification   Promoting sustainable forest management

The Tree Council of Ireland    Promoting the planting, care and conservation of trees in both urban and rural areas.

The right tree in the right place    The Tree Council of Ireland guide to Planting the right tree in the right place .

Crann    Crann's mission statement is to releaf Ireland with broadleaf trees.    Society of Irish Foresters - An introduction to Ireland’s trees, forests and woodlands.

THE DUBLIN TREE MAP    The Dublin Tree map initiative is a health check on our city's urban forest, a chance to identify what trees we have and learn how important they are.

Living with Trees    South Dublin County Council Tree Management Policy 2021 - 2026.

Farmers Journal

Farming Independent

EU forestry explained   The EU has close to 182 million hectares of forests covering 43% of its land area and these forest areas are one of Europe's most important renewable resources.

FAO - THE WORLD'S FORESTS   Forests and forestry, FAO Strategic Plan for Forestry, the State of the World's Forests.

Union of European Foresters   UEF is a federation of professional foresters organizations from several European countries.

European Agroforestry Federation   Agroforestry is the integration of woody vegetation, crops and/or livestock on the same area of land. Agroforestry can be applied to all agricultural systems, in all parts of Europe.

British Forestry Commission

Scottish Forestry    - the Scottish Government agency responsible for forestry policy, support and regulations.

Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Wood for Good    - Promoting the use of wood in design and construction.

A-Z guide to trees   - A-Z guide to British trees from native species to naturalised and widely planted non-natives.

TREE IDENTIFICATION GUIDE    - USA based - a useful site with a wide range of information.

Forestry Images   The Source for Forest Health and Silviculture Images. With hundreds of free pictures of insects, diseases, weeds and wildlife. A joint project of The Bugwood Network and USDA Forest Service

Biodiversity Maps - Mapping Irelands Wildlife.   - Biodiversity Maps is a national portal that compiles biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it freely available on-line.

EIRCODE / Finder     Find or check an Eircode.      online service from the Property Registration Authority, allows searches of Land Registry maps and Folios.

Irish Grid Reference finder      Find grid reference points.

Ordnance Survey Ireland     Map viewer and online store.

line of trees